Say hello to our new toning + blow dry package

(Posted on 18/04/23

Has your balayage started to fade?

Is your blonde looking a little brassy?

Does your hair need a bit of a pick-me-up in between appointments?

If so, we have the perfect solution - our new toner and blow dry package.

(And even better news, it's amazing value at just £58).

The perfect solution for those who can't come into the salon as often as they'd like or need to stretch out their appointments, this is the ideal 'refresh'.

As part of the treatment our stylists will skillfully select a custom-toner to take your hair back to the true tone that you want to achieve. Plus, we'll restore your hair's natural glow and shine to keep it looking its beautiful best for even longer.

Sounds amazing, right? To find out if it's suitable for your hair, keep reading...

What is a toner?

A toner is a product that helps personalise or correct your hair colour.

You may not realise it, but we apply a toner to your hair every time we do foils, highlights, all over blondes or a balayage.

Why? To lift the lightness of your hair and create a clean blonde we have to use a bleach to pre-lighten. This creates a 'raw' colour that then needs enhancing with a toner.

It's this toning which gives you your finished colour - from warm caramels and coppers to cool ash blondes and icy platinums.  

Who is our toner and blow dry package suitable for?

It's perfect for anyone who has to stretch out their appointments past the usual 6-8 weeks mark.

After this time your toner will have faded and worn off. This can be caused by numerous factors, from air pollution, hard water and sun exposure to chlorine and harsh chemicals in hair products used at home.

The result - left untreated - is hair that looks brassy, dull and flat. Our toning and blow dry package reverses this and extends the life of your colour.  

What are the benefits?

Where do we even begin?! Here are some of the biggies:

  • Say goodbye to unwanted brassy tones
  • Restore your hair's colour and tone
  • Get back that healthy glow 
  • Give your hair an instant boost of shine and luminosity
  • Keep it looking amazing for even longer
  • It's fantastic value

What type of hair is it suitable for?

A toner is a great option for anyone who has a balayage, highlights or blonde hair. It can also be suitable for brunettes and those with red hair - get in touch with us here for more info.

What doesn't a toner do?

A toner won't fix everything. Think of it as a topcoat for your hair colour that deposits tone and gradually fades. It can't lighten or darken hair, so if you want to achieve a completely different colour this may not be for you. For expert advice on what is best for you, fill out our free online consultation form.

Will it get rid of my greys?

Yes(ish). Hair toners won't cover your greys, but they can help blend them so they become less noticeable.

I already use a purple shampoo at home; is that enough?

A purple shampoo can be useful to maintain a cool or bright colour and neutralise yellow tones in brassy hair at home. However, this only works if your hair has 'yellow' tones.

If, for example, it has a slightly orangey hue, purple shampoos won't be as effective so may not deliver the results you need. It's also easy to overuse them which can lead to an ashy or purple-sheen, as well as hair becoming duller and darker.

When we tone at the salon, we're using the products that we would use at your full appointment and are skilfully selecting which one you need to correct your hair's issues.

How long will my toner last after I leave the salon?

This largely depends on how frequently you wash your hair and the products you use at home.

The less you clean your hair, the longer toners will last. You can also increase its longevity by using professional hair products that are specifically formulated to retain your colour.

In general though, they typically last around 4-6 weeks - the perfect mini-boost to keep your hair looking its beautiful best until your next visit!

Book your appointment at Head Office Creative Hair Studios HERE or give our team a call on 01978 362816.

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