Embrace your natural curls with Wrexham’s finest curly cutting experience.

Our mission is to provide specialist cuts and ultimate hydration to boost your curl's natural body and shape. Our goal is to empower you with confidence in caring for, and styling, your curls, leaving behind the common misconceptions and challenges associated with managing curly hair.

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The Head Office
Curl Clinic Experience:
Your Journey
to Enviable Curls

Expertly crafted to nourish your natural curls while giving you complete confidence that you’re in the hands of a curly cutting expert.

• Personalised Curl and Scalp Evaluation

• Customised Curl Cleansing Session

• Steam-Infusion Heat Hydrating Treatment

• Deep hydration for vibrant and healthy curls

• Custom Curl-Enhancing Haircut

• Individual After-Care Advice

• Exclusive After-Care Demonstration

• Available from just £75!

We also offer

Custom Colour Services to complement your curls - prices start from £45.

Curl-Defining Products: Tried and tested solutions for maintenance and care.

What to Expect
During a Head Office
Curl Clinic Appointment

Personalised Consultation to understand your unique curl pattern, routine, and goals.

Customised Treatment Plan: A step-by-step plan tailored just for your curls.

Expert Cut: We have specialist team members with specific training and experience in curly hair services.

Education and Maintenance: Tips and tricks for at-home care and longevity.

Just to note…

Perming is not available at Head Office.

Our expertise is in cutting and styling Type 2 (wavy) and Type 3 (curly) hair. While we welcome clients with Type 4 (coily) hair, and are committed to providing the best service possible, it's important to note that we are not specialists in this hair type.

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