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Great Lengths is a world leader in hair extensions. Their premium-bonded, 100% human hair extensions that have been favoured by celebrities such as Michelle Keegan, Cheryl, Towie’s Ferne McCann and many more.

The hair is ethically sourced from Indian temples where women and men voluntarily sacrifice their hair during a Hindu ritual and then donate their locks in return for payment that is then used to support the local community.

The hair is pre-bonded using a keratin protein that mimics the structure of human hair allowing the hair to move more naturally with long-lasting results.

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Blonde Great Lengths hair extensions at Head Office


Initially you will receive a detailed consultation which will help you decide on the look you would like to achieve and how much hair you will need to create it. A consultation is always necessary to determine a client’s suitability for Great Lengths in order to ensure we provide a high quality result for you. We will then order the desired amount of hair from Great Lengths HQ ready for your fitting.

Here at Head Office we use the cold fusion method of application to create small, flat or cylindrical, bonds using ultrasound technology offering further protection to those with finer, heat-sensitive hair. The bond wraps around each strand of hair, adding no additional pressure and therefore ensuring a gentle, yet strong, hold.

After your fitting we will talk you through the aftercare necessary to look after your extensions.


We recommend you make an appointment to see us 2-3 weeks after your fitting to check how you are getting on with your new extensions and answer any questions you may have on taking care of your Great Lengths.

You will receive an aftercare maintenance pack which includes: Great Lengths shampoo and conditioner, a bottle of anti-tap water which returns your hair to the desired pH value along with a Great Lengths flat-headed, soft-bristle brush which is specifically designed to detangle your new hair.

Michelle Keegan Great Lengths hair extensions

Do’s & Don’ts...

Great Lengths hair extensions


Will extensions damage my hair?
If applied by a professionally trained Great Lengths stylist and then properly maintained at home they should not damage your hair.

Are they expensive?
Only after your full consultation will we be able to provide you with a price for your new look. Remember a consultation is free of charge!

How long does it take for Great Lengths to be applied?
This depends on how many extensions you are having fitted, for example half a head of extensions can be applied in approximately 2 hours. We can discuss this further at your consultation. You can have as many extensions as you need to achieve your desired look, even a few strands can make a HUGE difference either by adding a splash of colour or to add a little more volume. The possibilities are endless.

How are the extensions removed?
A specifically formulated Great Lengths removal gel gently breaks down the bonds. Using the removal tool the extensionist is able to slide the bond down with no damage to your own hair.

What will my hair be like after the extensions?
After the removal of your extensions you will have your hair washed with the Great Lengths products to remove any residue left by the removal gel. Your hair will be completely undamaged and look a little longer than you remember. Once you have experienced Great Lengths extensions we are sure you will not be able to live without them.

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Great Lengths hair extensions